Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sony Xperia Play Announced, We Can't Imagine Why

If you follow tech news at all, you've probably long since seen one of the fifty-odd leaks in which this phone has starred. Taking the "Most Expected Phone of 2011" award handily, the Sony Xperia Play is a tough contender for "Most Pointless", as well. Harsh words, I know, but well-founded, as I will make abundantly clear after the break.

It's pretty clear from the picture above that the Play is a system designed for gaming. Instead of a physical keyboard, the system takes the ballsy approach of having a slide-out gamepad a la PSP Go, running on Android 2.3. This, coupled with Sony's ambitious Playstation Suite campaign, make for exciting prospects indeed, until one realizes an important thing: The Xperia Play does not have adequate horsepower for this newest generation of smartphones.

Packing a second-generation 1GHz Snapdragon, the Play runs at about the speed of smartphones that have been available for months, instead of opting for the Tegra 2, like one would expect. If there are games out on the Android Marketplace right now that the Play couldn't handle, how is it going to compete when it actually releases, into an ecosystem of dual-core devices in the 1GHz-1.5GHz spectrum? And even more dishearteningly, how underpowered are the games available in the Playstation Suite going to be when the flagship device on the phone end is running last year's hardware? It's sad to say because I like the chutzpah required to bring a device like this to market, but without some more significant power under the hood, it's hard to imagine the Sony Xperia Play as anything but DOA. It is my sincere hope, however, that the Playstation Suite does not limit itself for specs on the Play's account, because it's such a good idea that it would be a shame to tie it to this clearly sinking ship.

If you're interested in more pictures, or perhaps some video, you will find them at the Source link.

Source: Androidandme.com

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