Sunday, February 13, 2011

Galaxy Tab 10.1 Announced

Welp, Samsung has apparently just pulled the trigger on their new Tablet, the Galaxy Tab 10.1. With a dual-core processor and a camera that can record in 1080p, it looks like the XOOM actually has some competition. Which is good, because if rumors are any indication, the XOOM looks to be priced to appeal to the "irresponsibly rich" demographic. Just recently, it went up for preorder on Best Buy's website for a flabbergasting $1199, and though there's a good chance that's not the actual price, it's still shocking. If the Tab 10.1 is priced competitively enough, it could be a pretty big deal. 

The assumed actual price of the XOOM is $800. This might seem ridiculous even compared to $1199, and that's because it is. Not as ridiculous as one might think, though; The iPad equivalent (32GB, 3G/Wifi) is only $60 cheaper, and the XOOM is a lot more impressive in terms of specs. The problem here is really that the XOOM is only available at this level right now. I want one, but I don't need the 3G, and I could make do with half the space. As nice as the device is, I'm unlikely to buy it at its position. I think a lot of people probably feel the same way. It's because of this that I expect the Tab 10.1 to do better than the XOOM; The real thing that's gonna cement a tablet in the marketplace these days is not pure spec superiority, it's price. If you can't compete with the iPad, an Apple product, in terms of price, what's your appeal? Now, Samsung hasn't announced a price yet, and that's wise. They now have the luxury of waiting out the XOOM to see just how the market reacts. And I think we'll all see the market reacting badly until Samsung comes in with something like a $400-$700 and assumes the true mantle of "iPad Competitor."

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