Monday, February 14, 2011

LG Posts Optimus 3D Ad, It Is Just Awful

Oh, man. So, LG has released a new ad, and man. Man.

You know what? Anything I could say right now would only diminish what you're about to experience, so I'm just going to say to hit the break and we'll talk more about this little gem in a moment.

It truly defies all explanation, doesn't it? One has to wonder if LG is doing things wrong intentionally, so masterfully it is done. Everything from the corny sound effects to the pink speech bubbles to the Godzilla dubbing to the half-assed lip-syncing of the quietly smug "actress"... it's just perfect. I have decided this must be a parody, because the whole thing culminates into one perfectly imperfect, head-scratchingly, mind-searingly awful homunculus of a thing.

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